dress up Saturday, Nov 21 2015 


henry’s first haircut Tuesday, Nov 17 2015 

Henry’s hair was falling over his ears and it was starting to look like a bob, so I made an appointment for his first haircut. I had hacked off a few strands from the back a few months ago, but with the holidays around the corner, I decided now might be a good time for some professional shaping.


I took Henry to the fancy kids’ salon in our old neighborhood in Wallingford for his first haircut. They have perfect seats for little ones and bins of fun toys that I thought would appropriately occupy my one-year-old.


He was a little unsure at first and resisted the cape until I found a bin of dinosaurs to keep his hands busy. The stylist was able to get the job done, though Henry kept wiggling and rolling his eyes around his head to see what she was doing to his hair.


One of the reasons I like this place is that they give you a certificate with a few locks of your baby’s hair. I will have to put this in Henry’s baby book whenever I get around to making it. ;-)


And just like that, he’s all grown up. Looking good, little dude!


Here is another reason I like this salon:


We treated ourselves to a cupcake to celebrate Henry’s new ‘do!


He could not wait to get his hands on it.


“More please?”


Don’t worry, I ate about three-fourths of the cupcake and pretty much all of the frosting.


After our already exciting morning, we stopped by the UW bookstore to do some shopping before picking up Grant from Buddy School. Henry got fussy when I decided not to buy the UW t-shirt he had been carrying around the whole store. (He was especially attached to the plastic hanger.) The gentleman behind the cashier felt bad for him and brought down the giant husky on display for him to play with. Henry is really into dogs right now, so he was thrilled!

He’s saying, “Woo(f) woo(f)!”


veteran’s day Monday, Nov 16 2015 

On Veteran’s Day we invited Great Grandpa Space out to lunch. We found a nice pub near the water in downtown Mukilteo that had delicious food and was just a short walk from the ferry dock to Whidbey Island. We toyed with the idea of hopping on the ferry, but decided we better watch it from ashore as we were approaching nap time. We also saw seagulls (which excited Henry) and a train.


It was honor to spend the afternoon with our special veteran!

breakfast with daddy Saturday, Nov 14 2015 

This is what the boys did this morning while I was teaching Turbo Kick…


Not pictured: Chris, Henry, and their plates.

halloween 2015 Thursday, Nov 12 2015 

We had been listening to Shrek The Musical nonstop ever since we saw the show over the summer and so it seemed like a no-brainer to dress up as Shrek characters for Halloween. Grant claimed Shrek early on and David was cool with being Donkey. I originally planned on making Henry Lord Farquaad, but then felt bad about making my baby a villain, so Chris got the job instead. Henry ended up being the dragon when Cody offered Oliver’s old costume and, as the only female in this household, I got to be Princess Fiona. :-)


It was a lot of work piecing together costumes for five people, but I’m glad I did it. Chris and I won’t dress up every year, but since Halloween landed on a Saturday (and a non-working one at that!), I thought it would be fun. It also helped that I had inspiration. The boys got a kick out of seeing Mommy and Daddy dressed up and they especially loved seeing Daddy in his Lord Farquaad wig.


And since we’re such fans of the show, I thought it was worth the investment to have these costumes around for dress-up and imaginary play. Watching David perform Lord Farquaad’s song is amazing. He’s SO expressive!


All of the costume pieces were either bought or borrowed, except for Grant’s Shrek hat – I actually made it! It was my first crocheted piece ever and I’m so proud of myself! I wish I could say I made my Fiona hat and David’s donkey ears, but I purchased them on Etsy. They were my inspiration for Grant’s hat, though. (Thank you, Cody, for teaching me how to crochet and follow a pattern!)


On Halloween Day, we painted Grant’s face green. He had been talking about doing this for weeks, but started to second-guess himself when game time arrived. After I assured him it wouldn’t hurt, he decided to give it a shot and laughed when he saw himself in the mirror.


We were so excited that Aunt Gabby could join us for Halloween this year! She dressed up as the Cheshire Cat. So cute.


As usual, especially for this part of the country, Halloween was really wet but luckily not too cold. We have a tree in our backyard that towers above our house and which has an endless amount of leaves. I like the ambiance it creates, especially on Halloween.


As we were heading out the door to Edmonds, we scrambled to find umbrellas and, like typical Northwesterners, could not find a single one in our house. We decided to brave the weather anyway and hoped our aunts would have one we could borrow.


Getting ready to head out and Mom is doing her thing. :-)


Gabby got the best pictures of the night. I love this one of my little (concerned) ogre!


Luckily the rain stopped just in time for trick-or-treating and we were able to walk around outside comfortably. On a side note, Chris was such a trooper. If you’re familiar with Shrek, especially the musical, you will understand his little legs. :-)


Like last year, we decided to trick-or-treat in downtown Edmonds. I love it there because the streets are blocked off, businesses hand out candy, and it’s the perfect place to enjoy a ton of costumes in one place. David saw a few classmates from school, we ran into the Koenigs, and the boys loved pointing out costumes that caught their eye. It’s weird for me to say, but the whole thing kind of reminds me of Bourbon Street on Halloween…in the sense that they’re both costumed block parties. ;-)


This lollipop was one of the first treats Grant got and unfortunately it fell out of his bag at some point along the way. He was really sad about it, but David eventually traded his lollipop for a little Tootsie Roll. We’ll have to work on his negotiating skills.


Here is the smiliest dragon you ever did see. Henry was really excited when someone handed him Peanut M&Ms. We made a deal with the boys for something he could eat without choking. :-)


We spent about an hour trick-or-treating and had fun surprising Aunt Earline, Aunt Lori, and Uncle Tim with our costumes. When we were chilled and ready to check out all of our goodies, we went back to our place for some warm chili.

Another great Halloween for the books!

P.S. Next year Grant wants to be a skeleton and David wants to be a witch. I’m sure they won’t change their minds between now and then… ;-)

P.P.S. I have retired Shrek The Musical from our car for the time being. We are currently alternating between country music and Caspar Babypants.

halloween throughout the years Thursday, Nov 12 2015 

I had fun looking at Halloween pictures from the past five years. The boys (and our family!) have grown so much.

project-life (70)

peps halloween party 2015 Wednesday, Nov 4 2015 

We hadn’t seen our PEPS friends since the first week of school and so it was exciting when we made plans to get together the night before Halloween. In fact, I was worried our annual Halloween party wasn’t going to happen this year because no one was stepping up to organize. I would have loved to have hosted everyone, but I just couldn’t handle it this year (and I didn’t blame any of the other newbie Kindergarten families for not being able to either). Luckily Pilar offered up her home for a casual get-together and we enjoyed an evening of pizza, tricks, and treats. I was so happy to catch up with my friends and their kiddos. Everyone is doing great!


grant’s progress report Thursday, Oct 29 2015 

FullSizeRender (6)

Way to go, Grantie! :-)

weekend work Tuesday, Oct 27 2015 





adventures in parenting: haircuts Sunday, Oct 25 2015 

On a whim and out of necessity, I decided to take the big boys to Master Cuts for haircuts after school one day last week. When the four of us walked into the empty salon, I swear the stylist’s eyes bugged out and I could hear her think, “Oh, great.” She was professional, though, and really didn’t have an excuse not to take us. She was worried about doing a scissor-cut, which was my preference, because she didn’t think the boys could sit still that long. I told her they would be fine.

Grant got his haircut first and I could hear him talk with Lisa, our stylist, about his age, Halloween costume, school, etc. David looked at pictures of haircuts in magazines and I made sure Henry didn’t empty all the shelves of their product. Luckily he attached himself to one item and spent the entire time holding it and walking in circles around the chairs in the waiting room. Ten minutes later, Grant was done and the stylist told me she couldn’t believe how still and compliant he was at only three-years-old. Then it was David’s turn. I’m sure you can guess how that went down. At the end of the appointment, Lisa gave me her card and said she hoped to see my boys again. She thought they were amazing. #proudmama

I opened the door to the salon so that we could make our way to the car and it was the first time I got to see all three boys file out on their feet. My heart went pitter patter as I watched them exit the store – one, two, three.


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